About Christ the King Community Church

Our Mission

Our church was founded by five national Christian denominations to work together in the Walton area. These are the Church of England, Baptist Church, Methodist Church and United Reform Church. We also have an active partnership with the Roman Catholic Church with whom we share our church building and run some joint services and activities.

Many people who find their way to our door have come to live in Milton Keynes from elsewhere or who have been seeking the ‘right’ sort of church for them. Some are seeking to understand Christianity and what is found in the Bible. If that’s you then you will be in good company; we’re always learning and seeking.

Our church also seeks to be involved in our neighborhood and help to create a sense of community in our area. We work with local schools and other community organisations. The church owns the Kents Hill Community Centre which is used by a wide range of local community groups.

The way we work

Christ the King Community Church is presently supported by our Partnership clergy team while we are in the process of appointing a new minister.

We have a team of elected Stewards who are responsible for overseeing all the aspects of church and being a contact for any issues or advice.

Our leadership team are also supported by our Safeguarding Officer Rachael Jenkins.

Congregational Meetings elect the Stewards and major decisions are subject to congregational approval. 

Christ the King Community Church, together with the other churches in the Walton Area, form Walton Churches Partnership, (WCP) which is the legal entity for our ecumenical approach and through which our ministers are recruited and employed. We elect members to the WCP Council to represent our interests in the wider partnership.

All activities we undertake follow the guidelines set out in our Safeguarding Policy produced by Walton Churches Partnership.