There's always something exciting going on at Christ the King!


Because there are two church congregations using the church premises

we run a diary to avoid double booking the various rooms. It also means that we

have the correct heating solution during the cold months.


This page will have a diary showing all happenings at CtK on a weekly basis.

This allows our two churches membership to see what's going on day by day and if there

is free space for them to book a meeting or event. If you need information about diary events beyond this coming week please contact Sr Yvonne Pilarski or Pauline Laws.


For weeks commencing Sunday 3rd December



Wednesday Community Church Band on Wednesday 7.30 onwards in church


Friday evening Catholic Choir  7.30-8.30 pm



 Sunday Community Church at 9.30 am and Catholic Mass at 11.30 am

Twinflower Project Group meet in the  Church Office at 7.00pm Tuesday

Community Church Prayer meeting on Thursday at 7.30 pm in the Prayer room

Youth Club  6.00pm onwards on Thursday




next week follows soon!












Contemporary glass work inside church
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